• Inside Look of a Beach Resort House! 

    When it comes to my country, there aren’t many things to do here for fun, especially not during summer vacation, and that’s why the country is empty this time of the year, everyone else is out in Europe, or somewhere where it’s cold. While my plan was to leave the country this month, I had to postpone the trip for some reason, and that had left me knocking my head to the walls out of boredom, so I came up with the idea of booking at a nice hotel (my kind of thing after having given up on cafes here).


    While booking online at a specific global hotel chain, I see that they offer private beach resorts, and my first thought was somewhat sarcastic, but having had the thought go through my head a couple of times, I finally come to realize that it was a brilliant idea. The house resort would be much more spacious with extra rooms, and would get the family together. Other families go there to swim, and hangout at the beach, but our kind of night, was watching old Lindsay Lohan movies while having extra caffeinated Starbucks! I honestly thought I would die from heat, even inside the house, since it has huge glass walls, and balconies, but it was actually rather cold, and cozy!


     I didn’t walk outside, although surprisingly, there were a couple of days where the weather becomes cool around 5 AM. The resort house was really nice, and as usual I get to have the best room, and I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. Late night animated movies, and sunrise watching was exactly what I needed! Even though, I had a lot to complain about, the annoying families around us who’d stay out screaming all day, and all night long, is one example.  Aside from that, it was a pleasant experience, and that’s why we’ve booked in it again a week after that, and while still choosing the same option for housing, and location, the resort house was slightly different, with upgrades. 



  • Box Review: Japan Funbox! 

    Japan Funbox is a Japanese snack box subscription that delivers Japanese snacks & candy from Japan straight to your doorsteps, with free worldwide shipping! It combines old favorites, and new limited releases. The snack box is located in Japan, which guarantees both quality, and freshness of the snacks that are carefully chosen, and picked! They offer 3 different box sizes to choose from: MINI for $14.99, Original for $32.99, and Family for $49.99. Even though mine was the mini, it was still packed with a whole lot of snacks! They have the best snack choices, I’m not even kidding! They combined my favorites: the Whistle Candy, Umaibō, and Caramel Corn all in the box! 


    Slim Ganko Fried Potato:

    Tiny regular salted potato chips, which seem to resemble mini fries. The not too salty thin strips of  fried potato chips seem to have a different texture as well! They’re crispier in texture, and have a toasty fragrance to it! I haven’t tried those, but my sister sure enjoyed it! I try to pass down potato chips, and chocolate to my siblings since they enjoy them!


    Grape Flavor Whistle Candy:

    Can’t go wrong with this classic candy! This very popular Japanese candy isn’t unfamiliar in our house, they’re the perfect fix for a boring afternoon. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, the original flavored ones are good, but Grape flavored ones are my favorite, it has sort of a perfect balance of both sour & sweetness! 


    Umaibō Delicious Stick (Teriyaki, Mentaiko & Vegetable Salad):

    Umaibō is one of the most brilliant snacks out there! They’re light & tasty corn sticks with many flavors! I have 3 different flavors here, to be honest, I didn’t try Teriyaki, it smelled like it had too much spices, and flavors going on, but my little sister said it tasted pretty good! Mentaiko Umaibō tasted like BBQ, has a sweet and sour taste, really delicious! As for the Vegetable Salad, it tastes a lot like sour cream & onion soup chips, really yummy!


    Caramel Corn:

    Yay! My favorite Japanese puffs, reminds me of my love, German peanut puffs. It’s super sweet, and delicious! It has peanuts that sort hang in the bottom of the bag, which gives it an extra crunch. They’re crunchy, sweet, and melt in your mouth, almost. 



    Doraemon themed snack that’s basically chocolate covered corn puffs, however the combination seems like a perfect fit for many! These are stated to be a melt-in-mouth sort of snack, with a satisfying crunch to it! My sister says they’re super light, and yummy! They come with Doraemon stickers which you can collect to find the secret of Doraemon! 



    I remember having these before, they’re chewy candy,  half lemon, half orange, with fizzy coke flavored powder inside! Love the transition of flavors from fruity, to sour coke. It’s a more interesting version of fruit chew sticks! Not healthier, but defiantly tastier!


  • USA: Throwback! 

    While checking the footage on my camera, I realized that I haven’t posted some from the last couple of weeks in US. We actually stayed at a hotel to sort of break the routine, and my room was actually pretty big, with a kitchen, dishwasher, and everything! It only made me think back of the first month and a half, where I had to stay at really nice hotels, but no kitchen. It was really hard, especially for someone who only likes his own cooked food. I immediately thought ‘only if I had known about this hotel!’.



    It also snowed a little on our last week, but then the sun showed up, and melted every last bit of the it! I absolutely love it when it rains/snows, and the sky turns into it’s whitest shade. Sunshines/sunsets were also phenomenal, a piece of art, if you will. Everyday the sky shows a new color, if not multiple ones! I’ve encountered the craziest sunsets, where it literally felt as if someone held a gigantic yellow flash light from the top, which turned everything into very bright yellow, and it defiantly blew my mind! Other times, the sky is pink, turning every object on ground into a tinted pinkish color. Not to mention the cotton candy sky, me and my sister, would stare at it for hours, and not get bored. Nature never fails to fascinate me. I’ve seen squirrels, deers, rabbits, and foxes in front of my house… which is not something I’m able to see here, not even at the zoo. I didn’t go out and explore a whole lot, but staying at home was still sort of fun. Cultural shock only happened when I came back, other than that, I felt like I was home. Of course there were some ungrateful incidents here, and there, but nevertheless, America was defiantly the place to be. 


  • Unboxing Mail: Digimon Adventure tri, Beanies & More!

    Hey guys! I’ve made it back to Kuwait, and since the packing process was totally hectic, I didn’t wind up having time to post an unboxing of some of the mail I got that week. The last week, I shopped online like crazy! I would get at least 3-4 packages a day! Here are some of the things I ordered. 


    Empyre Holla Dayz Pom Beanie:

    I ordered the beanies the week we were leaving, so I only got to wear the beanies once, I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear them back home, but I totally did, since my house is freezing 24/7!



    Obey Boulder Black Pom Beanie: 

    I like this one a little more than the other one. It’s not as tight, and it doesn’t make my hair look weird. Obey in general makes really good beanies, I got myself a couple from Pacsun too.



    Hempz Original Herbal Body Moisturizer:

    Another body moisturizer/lotion to stock up, because there aren’t that many cruelty-free, vegan ones to find in my country. The Original one smells best, I wanted to get it at a beauty store, but it looked dirty.



    Beauty without Cruelty Lotion: 

    I have horrible scars on my arm from using a heavily scented lotion, so I looked for a lotion that has zero perfume in it. This one doesn’t smell much of anything, but I think it’ll get the job done, I hope. 



    Digimon Adventure tri Multipurpose Cloth: Sora Takenouchi & Piyomon:

    I honestly thought this was going to be a patch, that would look amazing on a navy jacket, or a bag. I don’t regret getting this, I don’t know what will I do with it just yet, but I’ll defiantly make a use out of it!



  • Unboxing: BoCandy! 


    BoCandy is a monthly candy subscription box that offers hand picked snacks from all over the world (including Japanese)! There are 2 options to pick from when it comes to choosing the box, one is half sized (3-4 candies), and the other is full sized (6-9 candies). Pricing starts from $11.00 a month, and shipping is guaranteed to be free! 


    Coris Whistle Candy (Ramune): 

    I’m always happy when I receive these in candy boxes, It’s a simple candy, with few ingredients including sugar, but no dairy, or gelatine. It’s delicious, and makes a whole lot of sound!


    Coris Whistle Candy (Grape flavored Ramune):

    This one was interesting, since I don’t remember having a flavored whistle candy other than the plain ramune one. It was sweet, and sour! Really yummy, and super addictive. 


    Goralki Strawberry Bar:

    It looks like the normal, yet delicious artificial strawberry paste filled crunchy wafers, except that this one has a twist to it, and is covered with chocolate on the edges. Chocolate lovers are more likely to love these!


    KEX Choklad: 

    Even though these come from Sweden, I always see them in Ikea’s speciality snacks store. I’ve never had these, but apparently kids love them, I’ve seen my little sisters munch on these before.


    7 days Chocolate Croissant: 

    I was surprised to find this brand in the box, because it’s so popular back home that I’d assumed it wasn’t produced by a foreign company! It’s a rather big croissant, filled with chocolate filling, and baked the Polish way!


    Toffi Kubanka & Pikolo candy drops: 

    Last, there were many Cuban toffee, and flavored candy drops in the box. It doesn’t say on the package that the toffee is chocolate flavored, but apparently, it is. The candy drops were really good, the flavors are lemon, apple, orange, and raspberry. 


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